Surprised Myself

Hello and welcome to the seventh weekiversary of my weight loss surgery. It’s Wednesday and that means it’s weigh in day.

I stepped on the scale today, hoping for a 2-3 pound drop and fantasizing about a 4-5 pound drop, but not thinking that was in the realm of possibility. In Weight Watchers terms (That’s WW now) an average of 0.5 pounds per week is considered spot on perfect. I have been eating more this week than before, and I have snuck in after dinner snacks a few times. The progress should be slowing as a result.

I was down 7.2 pounds. Holy shit snacks. Seven pounds? I am a couple of hours removed from actually stepping on the scale at this point and I’m already wondering if the scale was wrong, or did I read it wrong (I absolutely did not), or if I step on it again would it be significantly different?

I have a spreadsheet that I use to track my weekly weigh ins. It has a column for week to week change, and two fields for total. One total is the weight loss since the last pre-surgery weigh in and the other is the total since the first weigh in. They are 64 and 84 pounds. I say again, holy shit snacks. I also added a column for BMI today. My BMI has dropped 10.3 points since the first weigh in.