Car Music Recap

I had three songs to work on for car music today. Technically I had four. One of the three is two old songs that I glued together to make one bigger song. It makes sense, I promise. I started with the two non-double songs and was just about to finish up the second song. I was feeling pretty good and was thinking about starting in on the double song. I had been out there for about an hour. My battery was holding out, so was my bladder and my water bottle. Why not?

As I was singing the last line on the second song something weird happened. The MIDI bass track went out of tune. You can do that in MIDI by pitch shifting, but it doesn’t happen magically on its own. You have to tell the track to do it. I did not.

Hearing the out of tune track, which was 100% definitely not out of tune when I recorded the guitars yesterday nor was it out of tune when I did a couple of practice run throughs today, threw me off completely and I had to go back and try a second take. This time the bass was not out of tune? What the hell? Not being out of tune threw me off again and I had to try another take. This time, the third try, it was out of tune again. What the fuck?? I just looped a few bars around the offending moment and let it run. It was out of tune every other playback.

Oh for crying out loud.

I didn’t start working on the double song. I totally lost whatever mojo I had and I had to stop for the day. Oh well.

Here’s the obligatory drive home photo. It is not out of tune, I promise.