The Annual Flickr Year in Review for 2021

Most New Years I try to do a recap of the previous year by pulling one photo per month from my Flickr account. Here’s the post for 2021.

Given the circumstances there wasn’t much to choose from, and much of it was less than happy. I did my best to stay positive though.

January: what started as an attempt to redesign Jen’s bedroom closet turned into a major redesign of the whole bedroom.

February: when the bedroom redesign was done we moved to the kitchen. We didn’t finish until well into March, but it was a huge part of our February. Harry helped a ton with all of the new pre-fab furniture.

March: It wasn’t enough to lift the lock down, but I got my first vaccine shot. Team Pfizer, babie.

April: I got my second vaccine dose in April, and that did partly lift my personal lock down, but I’m not going for that this time. Instead I’m going with finally getting out from under the cellar flooding. Words can’t describe the relief I felt, though it did end up being short lived.

May: I turned 50 and my wife shocked me with a colossal birthday present.

June: One of the best days I’ve ever had. Harry graduated from high school.


July: It might not seem like a big deal, but I braved the pandemic and went to the eye doctor and got new glasses. What should have been a routine event was made stressful and difficult by Covid. My full vaccine dosage came through for me though.

August: Another huge landmark day. Harry moved into his dorm. The empty nest was in full swing and I’m still having a hard time with it, but his Fall Semester grades were excellent.

September: Remember that thing about the cellar flood? September was the month where we found the source of the second flood and got that jerk taken care of too.

October: Shot number three. I got my booster.

November: There were many drives to Vermont this year. November was one of two that I made alone.

December: There is only one moment I could use for December. The best moment of the entire year. The Christmas miracle.

And there it is, my readers and only friends. The Flickr Year in Review.

Let’s hope 2022 gives us fewer awful moments, and many more excuses for happy bad photographs.