Busy Monday

I watered the plants, watered the christmas tree, did some laundry, took out the trash, determined that my November music thing is definitely over 30 minutes without adding another song (it’s actually over 40 minutes!), and then I started work.

It’s been a busy day at work too. It’s becoming a trend that halfway through my lunch break things blow up. Four days in a row now. That’s fun.

Nothing else to report on today on this chilly Monday. Just hanging in there, trying to get to 5:30pm, when I’ll make dinner for my love and me and then… I don’t know what. I’ve got seven songs to mix before December 1st, so I will want to do a chunk of that before bed. Other than that? No clue. Mostly, I’m just looking forward to a little time with the love of my life. I kinda like making dinner for her. Is that nerdy? Is it romantically nerdy? You be the judge.