Morning Music

Car music this morning wasn’t the best, but it happened. I had three songs ready. One was a song left over from record every month in June. It had lyrics written. I figured I’d use it to warm up before getting into the re-recording stuff. I had two songs ready there.

The warm up song took longer than it should have. I decided to add a harmony when I should have left well enough alone. I couldn’t wrap my brain around what to do so I added a keyboard part to work it out. I got it, it just took more time than I would have liked.

As for the re-recordings. I only got to one. I was toast after all the yelling and didn’t want to push my luck. For the one song I did, I think the original from this summer was probably better. I’m not sure.

There was a mall security truck doing rounds that kept hovering around. He was distracting me and making things difficult. I know he’s just doing his job and all, but I felt like he was also kinda being a dick about it. He never came close but he was always around.

Anyway. I’m hoping to finish off the guitars on those two songs this morning. First I have to finish Dawn of the Dead. The youtube post I found is an extended version. It’s 2.5 hours long and I still have about 55 minutes to go. Shopping mall zombies make for good Halloween fun, eh?

Here’s a picture of the clock from the drive home:

Here’s a bonus picture of a stone wall, because fun.

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