The cellar has (had) six fluorescent light banks in the ceiling. Right now, exactly one is still functional. Fortunately it is near the washer and dryer so there hasn’t really been an issue.

Still, I wanted to be able to see on the other (much larger) side of the cellar if for some reason something is happening over there. Maybe I can find a use for that area other than storing stuff. I don’t know. I was hoping we’d be able to have the whole place redone, complete with new overhead lights. For the near future at least, that ain’t happening.

So Jen and I talked about getting a couple of floor lamps and sticking them down stairs. I put them together this morning before work and set them up with internet connected light bulbs so we can turn the lights on from upstairs and have everything lit up nicely before we go down stairs.

Now all we have to do is clean up all the shit left over from when we had the ducts worked on. Then maybe I can do something with the space. Maybe a new music room? Probably not. Who knows. I’m just glad I can see again.

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