Song Number 43

43 songs down, seven to go, and nine more are in the pipeline. We’re going to finish this year’s 50/90 Challenge and we’re going to go a couple of songs over the goal. I’m feeling pretty good about it this year. It’s going to take something major to stop me from finishing, though I am positive I just jinxed it so we can all expect to read a headline in tomorrow’s news: Red head struck by lightning in freak indoor thunderstorm.


I was thinking about taking a handful of less sucky songs from this year’s batch and making a stand alone album of some kind. Maybe pick 8-10 songs and redo them to make better sounding recordings and package them up as a sort of quarantine tunes spin off thingie. Maybe I could add a song or two from the Record Every Month RPM project too, as technically all of the 50/90 songs qualify for that too.

We’ll see.

Will this song make it? I don’t know. Let’s say it’s on the bubble and leave it at that for now.