Exercise Fail

My plan to close all three rings on my AppleWatch Activity App died a quick and sudden (and more or less expected) death on day three. There just wasn’t time or space or mental stability enough to do any exercise at my parents house yesterday, and I doubt there ever will be. I could have done it all when I got home, but we can chalk that fail up to just the lack of mental stability. I just couldn’t handle anything beyond eating dinner and venting my misery to my beloved wife who was kind and supportive and wonderful to me all night.

I’m in the office today. The four times I came here in July all saw small spikes in the exercise ring. Apparently my walks to the kitchenette or the bathroom are enough to get my heart rate up high enough to trigger the app. Okay. I might be able to use that. So I won’t have a perfect month, or week, for August. Maybe I can still do something.

I’ll keep you updated because clearly you are all hanging on every exercise related word this particular lard ass spews out through his keyboard, right? Right.

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