Good Things

The Bruins are beating the Devils

The Red Sox are smoking the Tigers

There’s a new Star Wars show on Disney+

There are new episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale

I get to see my father tomorrow

I closed all three activity app rings

All good things. Looking for bright sides everywhere.

Activity App Share

I haven’t been doing my daily walk in place exercising since I started taking Nana-Sitting shifts a couple of weeks ago. I can’t really do it in my parents’ house so I just sort of fell off the wagon.

Earlier today my step son shared his Activity App data with me. He said it was just in case we wanted to have a competition at some point.

Well well well! Well, welly well well well! Hi Hi Hi there, Mr Deltoid!*

I guess it’s time to start exercising again, right? I gotta hold my own against the 18 year old and his boundless energy and limbs that still function correctly. Huh… I might be in trouble here.

I’ve got 13 minutes in today. 17 to go.

*Yes, once again the movie quotes come courtesy of A Clockwork Orange. That movie was so bad ass when I was in high school. Now that I have a wife and a step daughter? I have no plans to ever watch it again. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Still, the quotes are kind of foundational to me, even if the violence is not.

Air Tag Test Drive

I completely missed everything from the last Apple event. There has been too much real life going on and not enough money to spend on gadgets anyway, so I didn’t go out of my way to find out the scoop.

My step son and my wife though, they are up to date. So much so that Harry’s four pack of Air Tags just arrived. It’s pretty cool. They are like Tile tags except they work within the iOS Find My app. You can make them beep and they can show up in the Find My map and they have a cool function where when you’re close it has a proximity thing that will put an arrow on your iPhone screen and point you in the right direction.

Pretty cool. I might get one for my keys and maybe one for my wallet. Granted, I don’t know if I’ve ever lost my keys or my wallet before but now that I have written the previous sentence it’s a guarantee that if I don’t get a pack of Air Tags I’m gonna lose everything.


The ghost of Steve Jobs says, “jump, fat boy!” and this fat boy asks how high.


Damn it, Roomba!

Our bedroom used to be the garage. There is a heavy door between the bedroom/ex-garage and the mud room that used to be an exit for the house proper. On Roomba nights we close that door most of the way. It’s closed enough that Roomba won’t come in, but open just enough that Patches the Wonder Cat can get in if she wants. The mud room is tiny, more like a breezeway than a mud room, but we call it the mud room. There is a door between the mud room and the kitchen that we always leave open. Sometimes if we have all the windows in the house open the breeze will blow it shut. Otherwise, it’s open.

I got up this morning. I needed to go into the kitchen. I was still 80% asleep and it was dark. I pushed open the mostly closed bedroom door, took two steps without really paying attention to what I was doing or really even opening my eyes all the way and


The kitchen door was closed about 50% of the way and I walked straight into it. I took most of the hit with my foot, I stubbed my toe something fierce, and the rest of it got me square in the face.

It looks like our friend, Man Servant Mr DJ Roomba, Esq tried to clean behind the kitchen door last night and left it part way closed. Fortunately there were no permanent injuries. Except for the injured pride.

Also, my iPad tried to install updates last night and I got an error stating that it was out of storage space. I don’t store anything on it. I put movies on it and music too, but only when I know there won’t be wifi, like when I was going on a plane to Florida 13 months ago. I’m not sure how my browser ended up with a billion gigs used. Like… what the hell?

Dispo Roomba

Mr DJ Roomba, Esq kicked off his journey at 3:00AM today. I woke up, for some unknown reason, about 10 minutes later. In my 99% asleep state I thought it would be funny to take a picture of Mr DJ Roomba, Esq rolling around the kitchen and dining room. I figured I’d use Dispo because I am a sucker who suffers from crippling FOMO.

I probably should have turned on the lights. In my defense, I was 99% asleep.

One Note About Dispo

Just making note of one little thing I learned about using Dispo. I took a couple of pictures yesterday. They developed (ugh) today. They mostly came out awful. I would have deleted them at the time if I’d known, but that’s not the point of this dumb app that I am using for some reason I cannot explain.

When they uploaded to Flickr they were marked as having been taken today. Not just uploaded today, but taken today. That is kind of expected but still a little unfortunate. Oh well.

I took this one this morning just before the 9:00 develop (ugh) time so Flickr has the correct taken date. That’s nice.

FOMO and the Kiss of Death

I’m on Dispo. I put myself on the waiting list because I don’t know anyone who could send me an invite. I don’t have any pictures to post yet because the entire premise of the app is dumb and you have to wait a day after you take a picture before it’s available. Like a disposable camera that has to be developed… Disposable… Dispo… get it? Clevah.

I’m RobJ_1971, just like Flickr. Come find me and let me bore you to tears with cat and guitar pictures… a day after I take them.

Of course, as with most wait list app situations, my getting an account is basically the kiss of death. It’s ello all over again. Now that I’m in the rest of the universe will lose all interest and the entire company will collapse. It’s a given, right?

ADDENDUM: Apparently the 9:00am thing with Dispo is anything taken prior to 9:00am is “developed” at the same time. I took a few pictures when they first let me in. That was a little before 8:00am. They were “developed” (ugh) at 9:00am.

Dark Mode

I’ve had my iPhone 11 Pro Max for almost a year and last night was the first time I tried using dark mode to take a pic of the night sky. iPhone Astrophotography returns!