Activity App Share

I haven’t been doing my daily walk in place exercising since I started taking Nana-Sitting shifts a couple of weeks ago. I can’t really do it in my parents’ house so I just sort of fell off the wagon.

Earlier today my step son shared his Activity App data with me. He said it was just in case we wanted to have a competition at some point.

Well well well! Well, welly well well well! Hi Hi Hi there, Mr Deltoid!*

I guess it’s time to start exercising again, right? I gotta hold my own against the 18 year old and his boundless energy and limbs that still function correctly. Huh… I might be in trouble here.

I’ve got 13 minutes in today. 17 to go.

*Yes, once again the movie quotes come courtesy of A Clockwork Orange. That movie was so bad ass when I was in high school. Now that I have a wife and a step daughter? I have no plans to ever watch it again. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Still, the quotes are kind of foundational to me, even if the violence is not.

The Apple Watch Jouney Concludes?

Our good friends at Federal Express dropped off a package today. It contained a shiny new series five Apple Watch to replace my shiny old series five Apple Watch. As I type this it is loading a backup file and pairing to my iPhone. I should have had a restore file from last week but the most recent one it offered me was from New Year’s Eve, four months ago. What’s up with that?

The battery was at about 60% when I took it out of the box. It’s on the charger now and it looks like it’s working. If the battery is in fact charging, then this should be the end of my Apple Watch journey. The pocket watch journey is still waiting on Amazon to bring me batteries. Tomorrow, I think.

Its a Covid Easter pt2

Hello and welcome to the second annual Covid-19 pandemic lock down quarantine Easter. I feel like I should be writing something profound but I can’t come up with anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I plan to spend my day doing chores and stuff. I’m going to make some chicken and quinoa for Jen for dinner. I don’t have any Easter bunnies to cook for her so we’re just going to have to make do.

Apple tells me that they are sending me a replacement AppleWatch. It should arrive tomorrow. Jen had a battery problem with a series five once too. I guess it’s a thing? I’m getting a new watch out of the deal though. Let’s just hope my backups from last week install correctly because I don’t want to start from scratch again.

I watched Birds of Prey yesterday. It was okay. Better than Suicide Squad. Better than Wonder Woman ’84 too, probably. Could it be that it’s the third best DCEU flick behind Wonder Woman and The Snyder Cut? That plus the trailer for The Suicide Squad made me want to watch the first Suicide Squad again. It’s running right now. I’m 75% through. It’s like most of the DCEU movies. It’s okay. Nothing special. Waaay too much slow motion. I think the only recent live action DC movie I haven’t seen is Joker. I’ll get to that soon enough.

I started my nightly fast really early last night. 7:00 instead of 9:00. I wasn’t planning on it, I just got wrapped up in stuff and didn’t eat after dinner. That means I was clear to eat at 11:00am instead of 1:00pm. It’s 11:30 right now. I think I’ll throw in a load of laundry and then have something to eat. What do you think?

April Fools Day

I don’t have an April Fools joke or anything. I thought about spelling every word in this sentence wrong or something goofy like that, but no. The crappy song I posted last night will be enough of a joke for this year.

The plan is to start walking again. Let’s get back to closing that exercise ring again, shall we? I’m still keeping up with the fasting silliness. I haven’t been weighing in though. That should start next week, even if the first few are painful.

New month, new routine? Is that a thing?

We’ll see.

The Watch Situation Continues

I am 100% sure that no one else on Earth or anywhere else gives even the slightest shit about my AppleWatch struggles, but here I am writing about it again because this is my page and what I say goes, dig?

Pardon my paraphrasing Fonzie.

I wasn’t really aware of it at the time, but my heroic Series 5 has been becoming more and more difficult to charge over the last few weeks. It was only over the last few days that jiggling the charger cable stopped being the fix for the issue. The real problem became when I would see it start to charge, stop looking at it, go back to it an hour later and see that it didn’t charge at all. Looking more closely at it on Saturday it became clear that it was just screwing with me. It said it was charging but it would then stop charging within seconds of connecting. Well that sucks.

Yesterday before work I was unable to get it to connect at all. The battery was below 20% and I gave up. My plan was to wait for my vaccine shots and then take it to the Apple store. 0.68 seconds later I was opening a chat window with Apple Tech Support. I unpaired it from my iPhone during that chat so that they could open up a ticket and send me a box to ship it back to them. That was about 8:30AM or so yesterday. FedEx just dropped off the box. Thanks!

It was during the unpairing process, while pondering an indefinite amount of time without my watch, that I started thinking of alternatives. I actually took a cheap pocket watch that I bought at the souvenir shop at Kennedy Space Center out of my desk but the battery was dead and I can’t figure out how to pop it open to replace it. Then I thought to myself… where did my old AppleWatch go? It went into my bureau, that’s where. It was stone dead, of course, so I threw it on the charger. After a while my phone started asking to pair with it. Done! Well, eventually. The pairing process takes a while. When that was done I checked for OS updates and started the loooong process of installing over a year’s worth of updates. That was further delayed by having to wait until the battery was over 50% before it would load. I think the whole process took more than three hours.

It’s all done now, and my Series 3 is on my wrist as I type this. Some things that I noticed… The text is a lot smaller. The watch face template I’ve been using for a year or so isn’t an option. Weirdest of all, the Covid-19 inspired hand washing sensor isn’t available either. Oh! I just realized the DB meter isn’t there either.

Tonight, after work, I have to go to my parent’s house to pick up a load of laundry. While I’m out I will drop my Series 5 into a FedEx drop box and get that process rolling along. How long will I be living in the past with my Series 3? Unknown. Will I get my watch back or will they replace it? Unknown.

Does it matter?

No, don’t be stupid. It’s just a watch!

(insert Robert in a fetal position, shivering, longing for the safe return of his dumb watch here. Friggin Apple fanboy)

Addendum: I keep saying that I’ve had the Series 5 for over a year, but I think it might have only been 10 months. I’m not sure. I could look it up but… lazy.

The Good Old Days of AOL Instant Messenger

Remember the early days of internet fun? That magical stretch of time when online life graduated from bulletin boards to 14.4k modems and personal interactions? Before the World Wide Web and the information superhighway and Al Gore and all that?

Remember AOL instant messenger? Ah, the good old days.

I just relived that experience with Apple Tech Support.

They are sending me a box.
I will send them my AppleWatch in the box.
They will fix my AppleWatch (I think, or replace it?).
They will send my AppleWatch back in another box.

This Could Be It

This could be the end for my AppleWatch. I got it up to 100% charged last night and in the process took the new WatchOS update. Today though… At best it stays connected for a few seconds. At worst, it was connected for almost an hour and the charge actually went down 30%.

I’m hoping I can get enough of a charge to get me one more night of sleep data, but after that I’m thinking I’ll just let it die. Once we’re all vaccinated I’ll be paying a visit to La tienda de Apple, or L’Apple Store, or Et Apple…

The Apple Store.

AppleWatch Charging Blues

For the last few days I’ve been noticing that sometimes when I put my AppleWatch onto a charger it won’t charge. It takes a few tries to get it connected right and then it disconnects on its own before it finishes charging.

Tonight it mostly won’t connect at all and in the rare instances that it does, it disconnects itself after a few seconds.


80 Decibels

My AppleWatch has a sound pressure level sensor. There’s a complication on the watch face that I put together that constantly shows the decibel level of whatever is going on around me. I have a mechanical keyboard that I am using to type this post. The clacking of the keys is about 64 decibels. Cool, huh?

A minute ago I was looking at my watch (I have another complication that displays the current value of the timer app. I have a timer running right now and I wanted to see how much time was left) and I unexpectedly burped. Like, not just a burp but a burp. Like an oh my brother you just chugged a can of diet pepsi burp.

80 decibels.

Kick ass.

Apple Watch Problem

I took the latest AppleWatch update on Wednesday night. Was that a mistake?

Ever since then my watch has failed to send data to my iPhone. The Activity app, the SleepWatch app, even the full battery notification. Nuttin. Anyone else seeing this? I’m still getting notifications sent from the phone to the watch, it just appears that nothing is going the other way.

I am a sad Apple fanboy.