Late Lunch

I’m down to the last few minutes of what became a late lunch. Exciting, huh?

Word from my parents house is that my father is doing fantastic. He’s getting up and down on his own and going for walks through the house just to get some practice in. At the risk of TMI… solo trips to the bathroom, god bless america! There’s a homecare worker at the house, and there will be every day, for at least part of the day, for the next couple of weeks. Word is my mother keeps asking her what time she’s leaving. Oh boy.

In the immortal words of The Facts of Life theme, you take the good – you take the bad. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

My brother, sister, and I got on the phone together and worked out the help schedule for the next few weeks. I am free on the days Bellana is coming home, and on the day Harry moves in to school. The price is a double shift next week. Two days in a row. I’ll be there from about 7:00pm on the 11th through 7:00pm on the 13th. It’s worth it to not miss time later in the month, but I am already shaking in fear a little bit.

On that note, back to work for me.

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