My mother was super quiet in her room. I got up to get my stuff ready for bed around midnight. I assumed she was asleep. Nope she was standing next to her bed reading. I told her what time it was and she said she was going to bed. Good.

15 minutes ago she came out of her room and asked me if anyone else besides Lisa and John (my siblings) had taken the train with her.

What train, I asked.

The train we took here this morning, she said.

I told her she probably dozed off and had a dream. She agreed. I told her we went to the doctor yesterday but other than that she hadn’t left the house.

She said she remembered that. Then she asked who else was in the house right now. Just us, I said. Okay.

Then she pointed at something on he floor in front of me and asked what it was. My shoes and socks, I said.

Cool socks! She exclaimed as she turned around, walked into her room, got in bed, and immediately went to sleep.

It’s ten minutes to 1:00 am. I’m done. Good night everyone.

Cool socks, indeed.

Addendum: she’s still awake. She just asked about tomorrow’s weather forecast. M’kay.

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