Mostly Quiet Night

There was a minute there, around 8:30pm when it was looking like my nana sitting shift was going to be another rough one. She was doing all the things she does when the back pain gets really bad but in the end all she needed was the approved extra pain med and she was fine. She was asleep by about 9:30.

Not me though, I couldn’t sleep. It happens sometimes when I’m here. I just can’t get myself to sleep at my usual bedtime. Do you think it might be a psychosomatic type of thing? Muscle memory? I lived in this house when I was young and sleep wasn’t necessary, so now that I’m here at night again my brain thinks it’s 19 again and fails to shut off. Or could it be that my brain knows that I’m not at home, and you’re really not supposed to sleep if you’re not at home (unless you’re on vacation, which is a totally different mindset). Ahh, Doctor Robert* thinks he might be on to something with that one.

Anyway. Gearing up for the work day. Talk to you later.

*No, Robert is not a doctor. It is, however, Ringo Starr’s birthday (81 years old, I think) and “Doctor Robert” is a Beatles reference. I mean day or night he’ll be there any time at all, right?

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