On the Clock

My Nana Sitting shift has begun. The doors are alarmed and the pills have been distributed. She’s okay right now, she’s dishing out some ice cream for herself, but I know pain is a bit of an issue.

I was planning on putting the Red Sox game on with the volume down and then streaming something on my laptop through headphones but the USA Network is running a slew of Marvel movies. Harry, Jen, and I watched Antman this afternoon (on Disney+, not USA). When I got here Age of Ultron was on and now Captain America Civil War is on. Okay, so it’s a Marvel night. That works for me.

50/90 starts in under four hours. I had this idea to write a series of songs that have all of the verses and choruses written as haikus. Anything to force a little creativity, right?

Okay, I’m going to sign off and watch some super heroes and be sad that I am not at home. Until next time (which, knowing how Nana Sitting goes will probably be three or four more times before I go to sleep).

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