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June 2021 is about to end. I’m sitting at home watching MST3K. Jen is killing bad guys in World of Warcraft. Bellana is in Vermont and Harry is at his dad’s house.

I feel like I should be doing something impactful but instead I’m sitting here typing this and I can’t even think of a topic to write about.

We have about 28 hours left in the month and I was just looking at the stats for this page and, well… We broke the account’s record for most page views in a month. Thanks, dear readers. I have also set the account’s record for the most posts in a month. In both cases, again with a full day left to go, I broke the records by a lot. So, do I have more page views because I have more posts (yes) or do I have more posts because seeing the higher than normal page view numbers made me want to post more (probably)? I guess it’s like some sort of viscous cycle. I should probably calm down a little with the posting over and over again but… well… it kinda helps me. You know, I keep saying playing guitar is kinda like therapy and I guess in some way so is this page. Also, how am I going to slow things down when 50/90 is about to start? Oh well.

The movie they are riffing on this episode of MST3K has Cesar Romero in it. the movie is in black and white and he’s playing an Air Force pilot or something. Probably an Army Air Corp pilot. I don’t know if there was an Air Force yet. Whatever, Romero is most definitely not playing a deranged clown, but every time I see him on screen all I see is The Joker.

Oh well, what can you do.

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