Dream Gig

I had a dream about a gig last night. I think that means I need to start playing with the band again.

I’m pretty sure it was a pizza joint. It wasn’t my band. Whoever they were, no one was paying attention. I walked up on stage, picked up a tobacco burst Les Paul Standard and started playing Living Loving Maid by Led Zeppelin. The rest of the band magically knew what I was doing and started playing with me. Unfortunately for the audience (all, like, six people) I think I was doing all the singing too. Sorry about that, but no one seemed to vomit. They loved our little Zeppelin tune.

Two minutes later the song was over and the crowd was itching for more. I figured a Jimmy Page song worked already so maybe I could challenge them with some Jeff Beck. I expected I Ain’t Superstitious to bomb but they ate it up. Next it was time for some Yardbirds. I’m a Man totally slayed. I then thought I’d challenge them with something down tempo but You’re a Better Man Than I brought down the house. Finally I brought it full circle. One Jimmy Page tune followed by a slew of Jeff Becks, let’s hit some Page era Yardbirds. Train Kept a Rolling rocked the pizza joint customers’ faces clean off.

And there you have it. I had a dream about a gig… and it might have been the best gig I’ve ever done. The Rock and Roll was rocking and rolling like you’ve read about. Awesome.

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