Now that I have a new guitar, I find myself in the market for a guitar strap. There was a strap included in the case candy, but I am gigantically huge and it was too small for practical use. It’s actually fine for me to use if I’m sitting down because I like to wear a strap while I sit and I want it way up high. That works out. It won’t do for me if I’m standing though. I measured it at about 55 inches long so I’m guessing I need something that is at least 60 inches if not a little longer.

Amazon has some. I would bet if I checked they’d have some too. All well and good. Normally I just go to a music store and buy the longest one they have. I’m still planning on trading my Strat in someplace, probably guitar center, but I might do some research and find if there is any place in the city with a better trade-value reputation. There probably isn’t. I might just pick one up when I take care of the Strat. Who knows. Maybe.

What about etsy? There is a surprising amount of homemade guitar gear on etsy, are there straps? Yes, yes there are. Quite a few of them. The selling prices are higher than I was really interested in spending, but there are a few that are interesting. One of them is made out of recycled seatbelts. That sounds like fun. I don’t see lengths listed on the sales page though. That’s a deal breaker for me.

However the strap journey works itself out, I want to play tonight. I kinda need to play tonight.

Rock on, my friends.

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