Another Music Challenge

The folks at RPM Challenge headquarters announced their annual post-Challenge listening party. Normally it’s an actual social gathering in Portsmouth but with the ol’ ‘rona a-ragin’ it’s going to be online. I don’t know if I’ll join in. They have a system setup where there will be six chat rooms setup with different music playing in each room. Turns out so many people participated this year that if they played one song from each submitted album it would take over a day to get through it all. Nice.

They also announced a new challenge. Oh boy, hold on kids, here comes the pain. This one is to record an original song each month from now through next year’s RPM Challenge. I did that 10 times over for 11 out of 12 months last year. I guess I could do it again. The goal will be one song per month. The attempt will likely be 10, at least for now, but maybe just five. I don’t know. One I can do. I need to scape together $45 for an 8ohm attenuator so I can try recording with my huge amp at a non-gig volume.

We’ll see.

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