Almost Done

I just finished mixing song #18 of 20. The last two are duds so I am going to give my ears a little bit of a rest. Just for a few minutes.

I’ve finished three of the five songs that I rescued from the January album-in-a-month fail and I’m thinking that I might have been better off leaving them where they were. Two of them are okay, I guess, but I don’t think any of them are going to make it into the 10 song album I submit to RPM headquarters.

This one is on the bubble:

This one is also on the bubble, but it really doesn’t have a chance:

I have sorted all of the songs I’ve finished so far into three lists. A, B, and C. There are six songs on the A list and they are all going into the final submission. Those are the winners. There are five songs on the C list and they are definitely not going on the final submission. They will go on the leftovers album. The two songs I still have left to mix are likely going onto the C list. The remaining seven are on the B list. They could go either way. I have to re-review them and pick three to move to the A list. The 18 songs combined have a total run time of one hour and 16 minutes. If I move more than three songs from B to A I just have to make sure the leftovers run for more than 35 minutes so that it too qualifies as an RPM Challenge Album.

So many factors. At least I have a cover and a title. I figured those out weeks ago.

Not quite done yet, but I’m getting there. My ears are very tired but it’s worth it.

Happy Last RPM Challenge Day.

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