#RPM2021 Day 27

My ears are mush so I’m calling it a night for the RPM Challenge. I had an absurd amount of work left to do in the last two days and somehow I managed to compete an absurd amount of work today. I still have an absurd amount left to do, but it’s about one third as absurd as it was when I woke up today. Absurd, eh?

When the day started there were 12 songs unfinished. Four of them had all the tracking done and were ready to mix. The other eight still needed their lead guitar parts. The first thing I did today was mix the four songs that were ready. I posted a couple, but I’m kinda down to the February dregs at this point so not all of it was worth sharing. Next I broke out the 335 and got to soloin’. I managed to get through all eight songs. I was pretty shot by the time I finished so lucky for me I didn’t have any more to do. Lastly, while watching a Marvel movie with the wife and the step son (Far From Home) I mixed two more songs. Here’s one of them. The other one sucks mighty.

So where do we stand? Well, I have more than enough songs finished to qualify for a complete RPM Challenge, and exactly enough songs finished to qualify for a complete FAWM. Congratulate your humble narrator as he’s a winner for the 10th consecutive February.

I still have six more songs to mix. I’ll get to those tomorrow. In the end I will have 15 songs that qualify for FAWM (entirely written in February) and five others that don’t qualify for FAWM (I started writing them in January) but do qualify for RPM (entirely recorded in February) which should give me the equivalent of two RPM albums. I just need to sort the good from the mediocre from the bad and put together the final running order. Likely the final running orderS as I’ll submit the good stuff and then have a left overs album made up of everything else.

One day left. Six songs to go, but they are all gravy. I’m pleased.

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