#RPM2021 DAY 26

ohmygodohmygodohmygod there are only two days left. oh no oh no oh no.

I mixed two songs tonight. That brings the total of completed songs up to eight. Interestingly enough, because I’ve been overdoing it with the length of each song this year, it puts me over the 35 minute mark. I’m at 37:50, to be exact. That means I officially qualify as a winner of the RPM Challenge. Remember, RPM defines an album as 10 songs or 35 minutes. Hooray, eh?

I didn’t record any guitars today though so that means I still have a whopping eight songs left to finish, and then I need to mix those eight and another four that already have their lead guitars finished. By the time I pack it in on Sunday night my ears are going to be reduced to mush.

Here are the songs I mixed tonight. This one is okay. I don’t think I will drop this one from the final album:

This one isn’t terrible, but it’s definately in danger of being dropped:

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