#RPM2021 DAY 20

Today was unexpected. I did not have a car music morning. I was expecting to but things came up that made me not want to leave the house even for an hour or so. I mixed a song, which was nice. That’s three songs finished. I planed to play some guitar, I had three songs ready for leads, and write the lyrics for the last two songs. Instead, I didn’t play guitar at all but I did write the last two lyrics… and I added all of the remaining vocals. Eight songs.

Now I have 11 songs ready for leads. I hope to do some serious playing tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I have eight days left. I’m thinking of pulling some unfinished stuff from January. I had three songs ready for rhythm guitars and five more that were just short fragments. Maybe I can add the three with the song form sketched out to the list? I’d have to redo the existing tracks so that they would count as being recorded in February. We’ll see how far I get.

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