#RPM2021 Day 16

Lots of progress today. I put vocals on six songs. I fear one of those six needs to be completely rewritten because it sucked so bad. Another two or three just didn’t come out too well. I’ll have to see if time changes my mind, but my throat was scratchy and phlegmy and my ears were having a hard time picking out the right notes, and my voice was having a hard time hitting pitches. It was a rough morning. I’m hoping to do another round of car vocals tomorrow. Here’s hoping for better results.

The other good news is that I finished the rhythm guitar parts. They are all done. Most of the songs are simple with just one take on two tracks all the way through. Some songs are more complicated. One song has three rhythm parts (on two tracks each) jumping in and out, all using different tones. There is enough there that I might actually drop some of the parts. It was fun to piece it all together.

So the current count is 14 songs in progress, all of them have guitars, all but two have lyrics, and six have vocals. I was hoping to sneak in a lead guitar part or two before bed but Jen and I ate ice cream and watched Property Brothers instead… because home renovations are our thing these days.

And that is where the RPM Challenge stands tonight. It’s 9:00, I’m almost 50 years old, and that means it’s bed time. G’night, moon.

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