RPM Challenge Prep

I’m redesigning my music recording nook in our bedroom with the intention of having it all setup and ready to go by the time the RPM Challenge starts on February 1st.

I’m still going to use two amps, but I ordered a stand that should allow me to stack the two little 15 watters on top of each other. I can’t just put one on the other as the feet are too small and the handles too tall. Also, all of the knobs are on top. So a stand that I can sit both of them on sounds great. The Amazon description said it should be able to handle two 1×12 combos, but we won’t know for sure until I actually have it in my hands. Amazon tells me it should be delivered today.

I’m building the teeny tiniest new pedal board. I put the big sucker away to save some room in the redesigned bedroom. The new one is going to be very small. I have a new crybaby coming, the Gary Clark, Jr signature model that I wanted to get when I bought the last wah pedal, That should also be coming today. Fingers crossed. That will likely sit on the floor next to the new tiny board. I will use the Ryra Klone pedal I bought myself for my birthday back in May for cleanish and low gain stuff. I have the Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter pegged for high gain at the moment, but I also ordered a Wampler Plexi Drive Mini which will either replace it outright or share the highish gain stuff. Not sure yet. I also want to put a fuzz pedal on the board. It depends on how much room I have on the teeny tiny little pedal train thing I bought. If I can fit the Wren and Cuff Super Russian I’ll use that, otherwise I’ll see about the Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian or the Way Huge Russian Pickle. All modulation and delay will be outboard stuff added in the mix. I have spoken. This is the way.

The January album in the month has been scrapped. I still have two songs from round four of re-recordings that need lead guitar parts. Hopefully I’ll have the new setup (everything except the Plexi Drive which won’t be here for another week) put together tonight or tomorrow so that I can use those two songs as a test drive for February.

I’m a little sad about the state of the RPM Challenge website. The blogs and the forum seem to have been replaced by a Discord chat, but I have never been able to log onto it. It just hangs and never connects. I am going to miss all of the extra curricular RPM stuff. I’m almost nervous that I will miss it enough to take the fun out of everything. Time will tell.

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