Leave Me Alone

Car music drama. Woah!

I had four songs ready to sing and they were all a struggle. My voice was croaky and it kept cracking like Peter Brady, even on the easy parts. I got through all four songs but it was tough and I am a little nervous that when I go back and review them later I’m going to realize I need to redo them all. Much like John Lennon on the first Beatles album, I saved the shoutiest song for last. When I got to it I had to face facts that my voice could get a little higher in February 2018 than it can in January 2021. I had to rewrite one of the parts. A two part harmony where the main melody was the lower pitch was rewritten to be a three part harmony where the main melody is the higher pitch. I probably ruined the song. We’ll see.

None of that is the point of the post though.

I made a joke to my wife that I was really going out to make sure there was no terrorist activity in the parking lot behind the movie theater. Hardy har har. When I got there, there were two cars parked right in the area I usually go to. Damn it! I went about five rows away from that spot instead. The two cars were empty though and in the hour and a half or so that I was there no one ever showed up. Suspicious. Was that parking lot being used as some right wing extremist terrorist meeting spot? Who knows. I forgot about it and went to work.

Then, after a long stretch of bad singing I was down to the last thing. 16 bars of shouting. Two tracks, the same part doubled, and maybe a third with a lower harmony. That was it. 16 bars to go and I was done but…

A car pulled into the lot. One row away from me. Not close enough for Covid worry, but given that there were only three cars in the entire parking lot, way too close for shouty singing comfort. Five seconds later, a second car pulled up right next to the first. Two masked women got out and starting having a friendly looking conversation. Two old buds, just catching up. What the hell? Couldn’t they see that there was a recording studio right there? Couldn’t they see that I was trying to sing the last 16 bars and wanted privacy? Couldn’t they see that they were practically right on top of me and messing everything up? Well screw that, I started up the car (and waited a few minutes because all my yelling had fogged up my windows) and moved as far away as I could without leaving the parking lot. I finished my awful singing there, but like some kind of diva I was all out of sorts.

Now I wonder… were they right wing extremist terrorists? Were they plotting another attack on the US Capital?

I mean, no. There’s zero chance of that. They were just two friends talking… but how do I know that? How can I ever be sure? Insert ominous sounding music here.

This is a picture from the second, less musically inspiring parking spot.

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