The First of the Year

Check it out, the first ugly clock downtown picture of the year!

That means I left the house, which means I either did car music or had to drop a package off at a UPS drop box, right? Well how about both?

I started with car music in The Loop parking lot. I did four songs, all for volume four of The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project. All of them sound… eh. Oh well.

I then went to a UPS drop box near my old apartment but the box was overflowing with packages. Any clown walking by could have just dipped in and stolen a bunch of things. I decided to wait for another day. Tomorrow? We’ll see. Tomorrow is a work day. How depressing is that? Today is the last day of the Christmas long weekend/vacation season. It’s all down hill from here. BOO!

That “BOO” was meant to express displeasure. It was not evidence of a ghost. I just thought I should clear that up. You’re welcome.

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