December Music: Promise Kept

When I wrote about the lack of progress on December Music earlier today I had two little bass riffs recorded and that was it. I promised myself I’d have more before I slept tonight.

Promise kept. I’ve got four songs worth of bass and drum parts down and ready for guitar. I feel a tiny bit better.

The plan for guitars this month was going to be Les Paul into Ryra into both 15 watt amps. I think instead I’m just going to swap out the higher gain pedal on my band board for different alternatives and see if anything catches my ear. I’m kinda not happy with how things sound right now and feel like mixing things up.

Speaking of mixing things up, when COVID is over and shopping is safe again, what about trying to trade my Strat and my Bassbreaker 18/30 for a Les Paul Junior and a 68 Deluxe Reverb? I’d have to chip in some cash too, but it could happen (probably not though).

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