Car Music Complete… For November

Another day, another recording session in the car. I picked off the last three vocal parts for the re-recording thingie. I sang hard enough to give myself a headache again. Weird, my jaw is also feeling sore. I should probably learn to sing correctly no I shouldn’t. All of the vocals are done, and that’s the only project I’m still working on so all of the vocals are done forever… at least until December starts on Tuesday. I’m thinking December music will be one guitar and one pedal. Les Paul and Ryra? I think.

For the re-recording thingie, I still have to do lead guitar for seven songs, and a few songs need to have the midi tracks updated (that means bass, drums, and keyboards though only a couple of songs have keyboards and those are already done). There’s no way in hell I’ll have this batch finished by December 1st, but that’s okay because I never actually gave myself a deadline for these. It’ll be finished soon though.

The question that is spinning around my idiot head is this: Do I sign up for DistroKid, pay the one year fee of $20, and have some of this garbage posted to Spotify for a year? Probably not, but should I? No. But….

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