November Music – Day 1

November is National Solo Album Month, or NaSoAlMo for the cool kids in the know. Every year I talk endlessly about this little writing/recording challenge and almost every year I lose interest after a few days. Will this year be different? Probably, given that I’ve effectively done a NaSoAlMo qualifying project in each of the last nine months. But who’s counting.

I finished Quarantine Tunes Volume 2 yesterday, though I still haven’t decided on a final running order for the playlist. I had planned to spend November working on new stuff but what did I do? I started working on a few more songs that are pegged for Quarantine Tunes Volume 3. I also kicked off two new songs, so it’s going to be one of those months, I think.

Volume 1 had eight songs. They were all going to have eight songs. Then volume 2 had nine. Oh well. If I stick to the current schedule, volume 3 will have 10 because you basically can’t count on me for anything.

Granted all of this could go down the toilet based on whatever happens on Tuesday. If we lose and continue to embrace evil as a nation, I might be too busy finding a new country for musical masturbation. Hopefully things will go the way of justice and light on Tuesday and I won’t have to worry about that. Fingers crossed.

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