Quick 50/90 Update

Yesterday I put lead guitars onto two songs, but I didn’t have a chance to mix them. I also wrote lyrics for the last song that needed lyrics. That brought me up to 50 repetitive, pointless, songs worth of meaningless lyrics. Yay!

I also did something wasteful. I added another song. I have the rhythm section and the lyrics done so it’s ready for some car vocals. Where do we stand now? 40 songs complete, 11 more to go. Two of them are done and just need to be mixed down. Four more need lead guitars, and five more need vocals and lead guitars. I was planning to do some car music today but I failed to get out of bed. I’ve been falling asleep later and later and it’s harder to get up early enough to get anything done before work. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Today is September 24. There are six days left this month. I can do this. It’s not going to sound good, but I can do this.

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