Singing with Karen

Last night after work I cooked up some quinoa with chopped up chicken for dinner for me and Jen and it was lovely. Jen was working on a computer hardware project so we ate in the office. I did what I’ve been diligently doing for the last week and a half, I went to Netflix and watched an episode of Agents of Shield (season three, episode one… the blitzkrieg re-watch continues at a break neck pace) while I ate my quinoa.

I had Netflix on one monitor screen and on the other I opened up the Trello board I use to keep track of 50/90. I had a lot of songs in the these-need-lyrics bucket. Next thing I know, it’s 90 minutes later and there are five songs in the ready-for-vocals bucket. I cranked out five melodies and five lyrics in 90 minutes. How the hell did that happen?

This morning I got up early and drove over to the parking lot behind The Loop and put vocals on those five songs. It went okay. None of the gear issues I had the last time. Nothing special, musically, but I made some good progress.

I thought I was going to have my very own Karen moment. I seriously wonder, if my skin were a different color, would something have actually happened? Let me explain:

As I was finishing up the last line on the last song a car pulled up. It wasn’t directly next to me, but it was only two spots away. There was an older woman in the driver seat and as she pulled into the spot she did so very slowly. The whole time she was staring at me. You can bet your sweet ass that I was starting right back. I was sitting there with my headphones on and a mic in my hand and a computer on the seat next to me, and I was giving her the what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at-karen look. There was as much stink eye as my face is capable of.

She pulled into the spot, always looking at me. One heartbeat… two heartbeats… and she pulled out. She went to another spot, a row or two away from me, and sat there. She didn’t get out of the car.

(that white car was empty, and it had been there the whole time I was there)

Now as I said, I had just finished the last line in the last song, so it was time for me to go. I packed up my computer and all of my stuff and put it into the backpack I keep it in. I was a little disappointed. Had I had more to do I would have hung out longer, and karen wouldn’t have the opportunity to think that she drove me off… assuming she actually was a karen and actually would have thought that she drove me off… you know what I mean, right?

I decided to drive past her on my way out. It was out of my way, but it gave me the chance to continue my stink eye. She didn’t look at me as I drove by. I’d like to think it was because she was afraid she poked the bear.

Obviously all this was because she was meeting someone there and thought that maybe my car was that person’s car and when she saw the fat dude with the SM-57 she just went on her way. Maybe she was meeting a tinder date. She was probably retirement age, but maybe she was just looking for a hookup. Maybe she was a spy and she was meeting up with some illicit contact.

Most likely she was just wondering what the hell some fat ass red head was doing in the parking lot of closed movie theater at 8:30 in the morning.

Rock and Roll, am I right?