Photo a Day

This little stinker right here is photo number 351 of 365…


That’s incorrect though. It should be 351 of 366. I’ve been labeling all of these things as x/365 because when I started on September 1, 2019 I completely forgot to account for 2020 being a leap year. So instead x/365 should have been x/366 from day one.

Once I realized that I was using the wrong label I thought… ah, screw it. I just kept on doing it wrong. So instead of labeling things correctly, I am just going to go an extra day and have the last post be 366/365. Who said any of this crap needed to make sense.

Of course, I am 100% positive that I just jinxed myself and even though there are only 15 days left I am guaranteed to blow it. Like the moron that I am.