The Weeds are Taking Over

Look at the size of this sucker!

I dug out the weed whacker from the mess that is our cellar, specifically to deal with this behemoth.

Oh yeah, and for the record, this little pic…..

Officially marks the 366th and final picture in my Flickr Photo a Day Challenge! Every day from September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020 had at least one new picture.

Sweet Christmas, Robbie needs a nap!

Photo a Day

This little stinker right here is photo number 351 of 365…


That’s incorrect though. It should be 351 of 366. I’ve been labeling all of these things as x/365 because when I started on September 1, 2019 I completely forgot to account for 2020 being a leap year. So instead x/365 should have been x/366 from day one.

Once I realized that I was using the wrong label I thought… ah, screw it. I just kept on doing it wrong. So instead of labeling things correctly, I am just going to go an extra day and have the last post be 366/365. Who said any of this crap needed to make sense.

Of course, I am 100% positive that I just jinxed myself and even though there are only 15 days left I am guaranteed to blow it. Like the moron that I am.

Photo Booth?

Patches was laying down on my desk.  I thought it was a good candidate for today’s photo-a-day.  Unfortunately she was sitting on my phone, and my Nikon was not quickly accessible.  What can I do?

Well, I have a webcam on my laptop.  Could I use that?  I did a Spotlight Search for camera and webcam but they didn’t turn up anything useful.  I checked Launchpad to see if there was a camera app of some kind.  That’s when I saw it.

Photo Booth?

Is that still a thing?  I popped it open and sure enough, it’s still a thing.  I angled my lappy to face the cat and BANG, photo acquired.  I opened it up in Photos to clean it up a little and, as always, was a tiny bit saddened by the lack of groovy filters.  I messed around with it a tiny bit and then clicked the export button to see what my options were.  It used to be able to connect to Flickr, but not any more.  I clicked the “more” option at the bottom of the drop down and saw something I never noticed before.

Extensions?  In Photos?  Huh.

There were no options available but I wasn’t ready to let it go so I did something I never do… I went to the Mac App Store.  I searched for Photos Extensions and sure enough a few things came up.  I searched for Photos Filters and much to my surprise a Free app displayed.  I figured I would install it just to use it as a guinea pig for the Photos extensions.  Much to my surprise, it worked!

Now my Flickr Photo-a-Day pic is a Photo Booth snap, edited in Photos, using a third party filter app.  It’s just a day of firsts for me!

253/365 - I took this with Photo Booth because... it was there.

RPMarch 2020

Back in 2014 when I insanely did an album in a month project almost every month for the entire year, I started with RPM in February and then kicked off a new project in March.  I was looking at an old blog post where I referred to this 2nd month as RPMarch.  I also referred to how the nickname is ridiculously stupid, but I kept using it anyway.

Welp kiddies, RPMarch 2020 is well underway.  Three songs arranged with rhythm guitars.  One more is just a two bar guitar riff that I haven’t done anything with yet.  I will though, it’s mildly groovy in a dad-rock-bluesy kinda way (in other words it’s about as cool as rotting cheese).  I am such a tool.

The plan is simple.  Literally, that’s the plan.  Guitar, bass, drums, voice.  No doubling, just one rhythm guitar track played with as few punches as I can manage.  I’m also (gasp) not using any pedals (gasp, again).  I told you this was insane.  It’s just my Les Paul straight into my 15 watt Bassbreaker.  I’m not even using my tuner pedal.  Last Christmas I got a clip-on headstock tuner from my Secret Santa.  I’m using that.  I am only using one cable.  It’s utter madness!


Recording stuff before work also gives me a built in chance to cheat my way through the Flickr Photo a Day thingie. Happy day #191.

Two Items of Note

Two tiny landmark events happened tonight.

First, it was my first work day of 2020 where sunset happened after my quitting time of 5:30. Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy it because I stayed a little late, but it’s still worth celebrating

Second, my Flickr Photo a Day project is now over 50% complete. There are 366 days this year. Yesterday was exactly half way. Today, day 184, is more than half way.

Kick ass.


Free Books

I learned this yesterday and took advantage of it today.  If you are an audible member, Neil Peart’s books are currently on sale for… free.  This doesn’t include Clockwork Angels or Clockwork Lives as those are technically Kevin Anderson’s.  I think it’s a nice little treat for fans, but I hope audible/amazon is still sending Neil’s royalty checks to his family.

I am hoping Rush has a few live records in the can that they can sneak out in the years to come.  I want Neil’s family to be looked after.  I know they have been releasing anniversary, deluxe editions of some records.  I hope that continues.  I will probably buy them rather than just listen to them on Apple Music or Spotify.  I remember hearing people bitch about how Pink Floyd was always releasing compilations.  There was a reason for it that wasn’t obvious though.  All of those comps had at least one or two Syd Barrett songs.  They were always finding ways to re-issue his music so that his Floyd related income never dried up.  They were trying to look after him without interfering in his life.  Those releases never moved big numbers, but it was enough to help Syd and his family.  I hope so at least.  I’d hate to learn otherwise.

Anyway, if you’re an audible member I recommend Ghost Rider.  I know I’ve read at least one other book too, but I can’t remember which one.  I think it was Far and Away.  I bought it, started reading it, and realize I’d already read the whole thing.  Well, a lot of it at least.  Neil was a blogger and that book, if that’s the book I am thinking it is, was made up of old blog posts.

Someone pointed out the other day that we probably should have known something was wrong in the Peart camp because it had been a long time since he updated his website.  He had his blog but he also shared recipes and had a sort of book club thing, if I remember it right.  I hadn’t heard of any new posts there for a long time.  In hindsight it feels like he was circling the wagons.

Anyway, listen to his music and read his books.

I took my photo a day picture this morning.  It was another record player picture.  138/365, call it Moving, Moving Pictures.

138/365 - Moving Moving Pictures