Breaking Quarantine and Scared

The Convenient MD clinic in Windham has, according to it’s website, an x-ray machine on site. They are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm and they don’t require an appointment, even in these dark coronaviral days.

So I’m going tomorrow. I wanted to wait until after the kids leave tomorrow afternoon, but instead I think I am going to try to be there when they open so I can get in and out before work. Is my hand broken? I seriously doubt it. Something is strained or torn or swollen or something. Tylenol helps. It hasn’t gotten better at all yet though, and it might still be getting worse, so I have to do it.

Then there is this rash on my arm. That is much worse than yesterday. It hasn’t reached the point where it’s more worrisome than the thumb, but it’s getting there and it’s getting there fast. Also… I think it might be spreading. I wonder if I brushed against something poisonous while I was cutting vines and weeds at my parents house last week. No clue.

I’m not going today because that would mean a full day of exposing the kids to anything I might be exposed to while I’m there. If I go before work tomorrow the exposure time will be greatly reduced, and while I’m working I generally just stay hidden in the bedroom anyway.