Another Sunday Car Music

I gave the birds at the light pole a break today and moved over a bit to annoy a tree.

I wrote the lyrics for five songs over the last few days, most of them last night. This morning I recorded them all… poorly. I was out for about 90 minutes and it took me about 50 to warm up. I wish I could actually sing, you know?

50/90 has five songs finished, six songs ready for lead guitar, three songs ready for lyrics, and three songs waiting for rhythm guitar. I’m still stuck at 17. I was hoping to make a dent in the project this weekend, but with my mother in the hospital I’ve spent about 90% of my time just staring at the phone and waiting for news that isn’t coming.

As for the July album in a month mini-project, I have a shot at having 11 songs that are completely written and recorded in July. I’m not sure if I am going to have it in me for more lyrics and car vocals before the end of the month, but I should be able to finish off at least five of the six songs that have vocals already. We’ll see.

On the whole, I am hoping to be a more productive member of society today. Instead of sitting and staring at the phone waiting for news, I am going to try and do some yard work while staring at the phone and waiting for news. We’ll see how that goes.

Please please please please let them discharge her today. Please please please.