Car Music

I did about 90 minutes of car music today over at the movie theater parking lot. I was going to do it yesterday, but I would have left the house at a little after 8:00am and that seemed really late for car music. Today I didn’t leave until 8:15, so by Saturday logic I shouldn’t have gone. Fortunately the whole area was dead as dead can be on a Sunday morning and the only issues I had were a car that drove by close, and a security car that drove by not-close. Excellent.

I parked in my usual spot, next to a light pole where two little birds have a nest. They were there today and… well… I think i caught them in a private, intimate moment…

I’m very sorry I intruded, my feathered friends, but maybe next time keep it in the nest while there’s a crowd, m’kay?

As for the vocalizing, I had five songs ready to go and I did them all. Song #3 was hard. Why did I do that to myself? I don’t know.