Music Project Confusion

I know that embedded player isn’t going to work but I put it there anywhere because I think it’s nice to look at.

Eight songs for 50/90 underway but a long way from finished. My question is… do I put my focus into 50/90, into sticking with 10 songs per month and telling 50/90 to go get bent, or do I put my focus into Quarantine Tunes Volume 2?

I. Don’t. Know.

I spent some time before work looking at the songs I have marked for volume 2. Okay, back story. When I first started The Great 2015 Re-Recording Project back in (you guessed it) 2015, there were 10 songs on the list. Each year as I tried to restart the abandoned project I added a few songs. When I started this year I was at 21. None of them more recent than 2016 (I think). For some reason I wanted to go with eight songs per volume so I added in three more recent songs to bring the total up to 24. Most of those 24 haven’t been started yet. Of the eight I have planned for volume 2, three will be from scratch, the other five were started at some point along the line over the past five years.

Today, before work, the second guessing started. I was looking at the songs I have marked for volumes 3 and 4, there was one that I couldn’t remember. I dug it out of my alonetone account and liked it. It was from June 2014. I knew there was another June ’14 song on the list so I took a listen to a couple of others… and they were good. It made me question the universe.

I know that my 2013 RPM Challenge went better than most. My 2016 RPM Challenge also went better than most. The 2014 50/90 had some extra good stuff too. Apparently I should be including June 2014 in the list of good ones. So what, do I drop some songs and replace them with June 2014 songs? Do I start planning volume five? I. Don’t. Know.

I don’t want to abandon the album in a month per month thing I’ve been doing for five months now. I don’t really want to abandon 50/90 either. I don’t want to abandon the great re-recording either, but I don’t want it to dominate everything else and as it stands right now it is.


You know what? Weekly Lizardfish practices would be better than any of this shit.

Screw you, Coronavirus.