Relating to Sheldon Cooper

Ever watch The Big Bang Theory? You know the character Sheldon Cooper? I found myself relating to him this morning, intensely.

You see this truck?

See it? Parked there in the parking lot like it’s no big thing?

Its in my spot.

I repeat, its in my spot.

Its totally sitting there right on the spot that I go to when I do my morning parking lot vocal recording sessions. Just sitting there like some smug son of a bitch, taking up my god damned spot!

I had to move to the other side of the lot to get the required privacy.

It threw everything out of whack (no it didn’t). It caused me to screw up 10 times more often than usual (no it didn’t, I just sucked a tiny bit more than usual and I’m blaming it on the parking spot). It caused me to even have to change one of the melodies I’d written out ahead of time because the parking lot made my vocal range a couple of steps smaller (no it didn’t, again, I just suck).

I had an audience though, the poor suckers (there were two of them even though you can only see one).

The good news is, I am done with vocals for June music. I only had two more to do and I struggled with both of them, but they are done. I thought about maybe doing a song or two from the re-recording project while I was out on the town, but I decided not too. The mojo was not with me today.

I took a roundabout route home instead so that I could take a picture of the ugly clock.


For June Music I have five songs already mixed, two more are ready to mix, and four still need lead guitars. I might have this thing finished by the 29th again. That would be cool.