I Should Have Known That One

In last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead there is a scene (no spoilers) where Eugene is talking over the short wave radio.  He is trying to find a record to play a song to whoever he is talking to and he can’t find it.

I now know why he couldn’t find it.

The song was published in 2010… there is no way it would have been released on vinyl.  C’mon guys, you should have thought that through.

(okay, at this point I realize that I am not sure that he was digging through vinyl.  I just assumed that but he might have been digging through CDs.  I have to watch again to verify)

Worse than that?  Later in the show he sings the song and I didn’t recognize it.  I can’t say for sure, but I doubt I’d ever heard it before… but there is a chance I might have actually seen the band who wrote it do it live.

It was an Iron Maiden song.  It’s not from a record I really know at all, but I still should have freakin’ known it was an Iron Freakin’ Maiden song!  I am such a tool!

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