Could I Be That Dumb Again?

In March of 2014, after finishing my February RPM album, I started an album-in-a-month thing.  I didn’t finish.  In April I started another one, even though March was still out there.  I didn’t finish that one either.  In May I finished both March and April.  In June I started another one and finished it (yay).  In July, August, and September I did the 50 songs in 90 days challenge, and in the process completed an album-in-a-month each month.  In October I took a break and did half an album-in-a-month.  In November I did NaSoAlMo… an album-in-a-month.  In December I started one but somehow lost more than half of my GarageBand files and ended up with a little less than half an album-in-a-month.

So… when I woke up this morning, a telecommute day, I looked over at the corner of my room where all of my gear is still set up and thought to myself…

Could I be that dumb again?

I don’t know.  Maybe.  First I have a new episode of Star Trek Picard to watch.  Priorities, kids… priorities.

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