The Alternate/Outtake Album

I usually wait a week or two before uploading my finished RPM album to bandcamp, but I was up early today and figured what the hell.

Over the last few years I have been creating a separate playlist on alonetone to hold all of the songs that I cut.  Those songs usually don’t go to bandcamp.  Last year I didn’t cut anything and had enough for two full records, so everything went.

This year I had five acoustic songs that went on the final album and each one had an alternate mix that I think was good enough to use, and at one point I thought about putting them both on the final album.  Instead I decided to use them as the first half of the second playlist and to include that second playlist on bandcamp.

I uploaded those first so that the “real” album would show up as the most recent.

Here it is:

The first five songs are alternate mixes of songs on the actual RPM album.  The next five are songs that I dropped, three electric and two acoustic.  I put the preferred mix of the acoustic song first.  The last two songs are the non-preferred mix of the dropped acoustic songs.


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