Bandcamp Volume 4

Volume four out of four (for now).

My bandcamp page now only contains songs I am embarrassed by, instead of both songs I was embarrassed by and songs I was outright ashamed of. We’re moving up in the world!

Quarantine Tunes Volumes one through four are all there. Volume five is underway but ages away from completion. It’s going to be all songs from this year’s 50/90. How exciting (meaning not exciting at all).

A Couple of Pointless Musical Musings

I think I may have just broken the My Music page attached to this blog. Oops. I have a page that I don’t promote. I just stick album-in-a-month type projects there. I haven’t updated it since finishing the bonus RPM Challenge thing from April 2020. Earlier today I set all of the projects there to private… forgetting that I had playlists embedded on the My Music page. Again, oops.

The reason I did it was that I am planning to put all of the re-recordings from the last year and a half or so up there and have those be the only thing visitors can see. That seems like a good move, assuming my attempt at having the new recordings be at least slightly better than the old ones. Better sound, better performances, and fewer crappy songs. I think it’s a good idea. I just have to do it.

The album-in-a-month internet challenge with the undisputed worst name of them all, NAtional SOlo ALbum MOnth (NASOALMO) is going to kick off on Monday. I’ll take it for another spin. I’m thinking of a gear swap. I’ve been using my Fender Bassbreaker 15 as my amp for the last four months or so. For November I am thinking of using my little Vox MV50 and it’s NuTube technology which is totally not a gimmick (wink, wink). I remember using it on an album-in-a-month once at some point, but it was paired with the Bassbreaker 15 and they were both using their direct out/speaker sims. I don’t think I’ve ever recorded anything with the MV50 through an actual speaker into a microphone. November seems like a good time to finally use it for reals.

Finally, Klon is going to start shipping the new KTR pedals in about three weeks. I absolutely do not need one. Still… let the Gear Acquisition Syndrome commence!

Granted, all of this depends on whether or not our furnace is working. They are still downstairs working on it. I have said it before (well, typed it) and I will say (type) it again… Heat my house!

My Final #RPM2020 Album

…and with that, it’s all done.

After all the talking about saxophones I only ended up using three of the seven songs I played it on.  Five of the seven acoustic songs made it to the album, but I used the band mix on two of them.

I needed 10 songs and I ended up using 13.  I still feel iffy about a couple of them.  Maybe I should have stuck to just 10.  The running time is supposed to be 35 minutes and I ended up with a little more than 43.  I never gave that much thought this year though as I knew I was going to have way more than 10 songs to work with.

Do I like this album?  As of right now, I kinda do.  Ask me again in a couple of days and I’ll probably vomit on you (figuratively).  Does it feel like an “Album”? No.  It feels like a disjointed mess, but I knew it would.  As soon as I came up with the idea of making the album one part electric and one part acoustic I knew it would feel sloppy.

Speaking of sloppiness, I lowered my standards for the minimum level of performance required for one of these projects.  There is a lot of less than wonderful guitar playing and some down right shitty singing.  The sax playing was going to be bad even at its best.  You can’t take seven years off from an instrument and then suddenly play like John Coltrane… not that I ever played like John Coltrane, of course.  I’m literally being figurative here, not literal.

Anyway, here it is in all it’s messy glory:

The Alternate/Outtake Album

I usually wait a week or two before uploading my finished RPM album to bandcamp, but I was up early today and figured what the hell.

Over the last few years I have been creating a separate playlist on alonetone to hold all of the songs that I cut.  Those songs usually don’t go to bandcamp.  Last year I didn’t cut anything and had enough for two full records, so everything went.

This year I had five acoustic songs that went on the final album and each one had an alternate mix that I think was good enough to use, and at one point I thought about putting them both on the final album.  Instead I decided to use them as the first half of the second playlist and to include that second playlist on bandcamp.

I uploaded those first so that the “real” album would show up as the most recent.

Here it is:

The first five songs are alternate mixes of songs on the actual RPM album.  The next five are songs that I dropped, three electric and two acoustic.  I put the preferred mix of the acoustic song first.  The last two songs are the non-preferred mix of the dropped acoustic songs.