Stuff to Do at Home

I forgot to take a card reader to Florida with me so I had to leave all of my pictures on the card until I got home.  I’ve sorted through the 1300 or so and weeded it down to maybe 500.  I used to use Google’s Picasa application for that because it made it easy to sort through all of the duplicates, but that app won’t run anymore.  I used Apple’s Photos and it kinda sucked.  Once they were sorted out I started editing them, using filters and the wizard in Photos.  Nothing special.  I’m about 1/3 through the keepers now.  I’d like to finish that today and get them all uploaded into Flickr so I can post some of them here.

It’s not likely to happen though as I still have three songs to finish today.  Two need quick lead guitar overdubs, and the other needs all of the guitars, rhythm and lead, and then all three need to be mixed.  I have the cover art, but once all the mixes are done I need to decide which songs get dropped and then which of the two mixes of each acoustic song gets dropped.

So much to do and so little sleep to do it on.

Actually, I did get a good night’s sleep last night.  I’m just overtired from the last few days combined.  I’ll get it all done tonight.  Well, I’ll get the music done at least.  I can sleep when I’m dead.  Or, you know… tomorrow.

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