On Hold (and Other Stuff)

If you thought waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles was agony, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We gave Bellana a vacation as a High School graduation present. She chose to go to Disney World. We stayed at a resort. It was freakin’ magical, just like the Disney marketing said.

We wanted to do the same thing for Harry but he graduated in the middle of Covid so we had to delay it. He wants to go on almost exactly the same trip. The only difference will be the actual resort we stay in. We stayed at the Polynesian last time. This time the Poly is on the backup list.

Disney opened reservations for 2023 today. Jen got ready for work and then hunkered down in her office and gave The Mouse a call. That was about 7:30am. Maybe a smidge later than that. They put her on hold. They also gave an estimated wait time before she could talk to a human. Two hours. Two. Hours. Yikes!

Good luck, my love.

I need to track all of my food and drink. I need to make sure I’m getting about 60 ounces of liquid and 60 grams of protein. I assume at some point they are going to have me tracking calories too.

I have an app on my phone that can handle this. Two of them, actually. When I try to use the app I always seem to forget to log things. It annoys the hell out of me. While I was in the hospital they gave me a form to use to track what little I ate. At the stage one diet class they also gave a similar form. All through my time off of work I used the forms. I scanned one of them and kept printing out copies. I had a clipboard that I carried around with me everywhere I went and I logged everything.

Now that I am back to work and able to do stuff again, I don’t really want to track on paper anymore. I also don’t want to use the apps and get back into old habits. So what do I do? I created a spreadsheet in Google Sheets that mimics the paper forms. I am on my forth day using it. So far so… kinda good. I keep a notebook at my desk and next to my bed to keep tally marks for each ounce of liquid. I’ve been updating the sheet in a browser whenever possible, but I can update it from my iPhone or my iPad. It works, but the interface blows.

I’m also keeping a sheet with my daily liquid and protein totals, and I started another sheet with protein per ounce values for foods I eat regularly. That should come in handy. I might go back and add the totals for each day that I kept on paper too, just so I’ll have it all in one place. That’ll be a bit of a pain, but I might do it.

I finally got to see my mother last night. She’s been in the hospital for a long time. They’re trying to move her to a new facility but it’s a difficult process. I am not giving details, but it was difficult. She’s having a really hard time. I will go back to see her again in a couple of days.

Okay. Time for work. Talk to you later.


As my lunch break nears its end I sit here thinking…

That I haven’t posted today.

Yesterday was nuts.  I was crazy busy all day and didn’t have time to eat anything prior to about 8:30 at night, never mind post to this page.  Today has been crazy busy too, but not as bad.  It feels about the same though.  I’m tired.  I’m back into one of those sleeping-is-difficult stretches that I sometimes get into.

I had hoped to maybe catch up on a little sleep over the weekend, but I ended up sleeping less than normal.  This coming weekend probably won’t be much different.  Two weeks from now though… we’re on vacation.  I have to survive nine more work days (including today) before I get there.  It’s going to be rough.

We had planned to go to Quebec City on the vacation, but taking children out of the country when you have shared custody and the other custody sharer is not going too involves more paperwork than we expected and we aren’t going to have it ready in time.  That means we need to rework our plans to stay within the US.  I asked my beautiful wife if we could try to at least get ourselves to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls before the summer ends.  She thought we could pull that off.  We just need more documentation than we realized when we started thinking about Quebec, and now we really don’t have enough time.

So where should we go?  Jen mentioned Virginia last night.  Virginia Beach sounds nice.  I’ve never been there, but it’s in the South where it’s warmer and it has… ya know… a beach and stuff.  That works for me.

What other options are there?  We could always go back to New York, but we’ve done that a couple of times now.  There are always the mountains in New Hampshire or Vermont?  Those are always great, but it’s still April.  Maybe we want to chase the warmer weather this time.  I don’t know.

I would prefer to avoid Pennsylvania, other than to drive through it to get to somewhere else.  We haven’t had bad luck there, but some of their roads have annoyed me enough that I’d rather go elsewhere.  There is always upstate New York.  We haven’t gone there with the kids.  Is it too cold for Lake George?

I’m looking for ideas, folks.  Feel free to add suggestions.