Happy Apple Update Day

I updated my iPhone earlier this morning. I updated my iPad at about the same time. Now I am updating my Apple Watch and my MacBook Pro. MacOS Ventura, babie. Here’s hoping whatever is wrong with my audio interfaces is addressed by Mr Ventura. Fingers crossed.

It’s Apple Update Day! Enjoy, fangirls and fanboys!


Bed Time Thoughts

I tried to watch Sunday night’s episode of Westworld before work this morning but HBO Max wouldn’t play the video for some reason. It’s playing now. Once it’s done I’m going to sleep.

My Apple Watch is charging. Once it’s done I’ll go to sleep, assuming the above item is complete. I actually just kicked off an update. Who knows how long that will take.

Speaking of my Apple Watch, the activity app’s calorie goal wasn’t reached until almost 10pm tonight. Not sure why it took so long this time. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I was looking at a Nikon D90 group on Flickr tonight. The newest discussion topic was two years old but I found a thread discussing shutter counts. Now I’m paranoid that my camera has too much mileage to be reliable. That’s bullshit, of course. I’m going to use it until it disintegrates, and probably keep using it after that.

Speaking of cameras, I really want to take another stroll around Boston. There is talk of the Aquarium this weekend. We’ll see.

That cat was laying down on Jen’s pillow a few minutes ago. It’s was as adorable as can be.

Okay, my watch is updated and Westworld is 2/3 finished. I think I’ll post this now. I hope you enjoyed it for it’s random stupidness.

Apple TV Update, but Will We Take It?

I saw an article this morning about Apple TV being updated to include a few new apps, including Disney Channel. If we could get Disney on our 2nd television, without buying a second box, that would be awesome sauce.

Unfortunately, the last time they rolled out an update it fried our box. We were unable to do anything on Apple TV after taking the update. We got a second box (in the hopes of fixing the first and moving it to the 2nd TV) and have yet to take that first update. I don’t want to get burned a second time.

Should we try updating again? What do you think?

Things I Love

This post is about something that I love.

I love when I log in to work on my laptop, remote connect to my desktop PC that sits on my desk in Framingham, start working, and…

Windows reboots my laptop to install a service pack update.

Yeah, I love that.

30% and counting. Or should I say, waiting.

Yeah, still waiting. This was posted from my phone because I am still waiting.