Car Music Tomorrow

I promised myself I’d do some singing in the car this morning before the cleaning and de-christmasing started.

I didn’t.

Now I am promising myself I’ll do some singing in the car before the cleaning re-commences in the morning. You heard it here first and unlike the terrorist who attacked the US Capital this week and now today are blaming it on antifa, including the clowns saying they just followed antifa into the building so they could use the bathroom, I am not taking fantasies out of my ass.

The fact that cheeto McClownshoes hasn’t been removed from office yet is insulting beyond words. He instigates a terrorist attack on the federal government and there are no consequences. Osama Bin Laden must be really jealous right now, assuming he gets internet from his grave at the bottom of the sea.

Car music in the morning. 25th amendment in the afternoon. Impeachment on Monday. Do your fucking jobs. Remove the head of the terrorist cult from power. Now.

Also, antifa is not an organization. I know this for a fact. How do I know this for a fact? I know this for a fact because if antifa were an actual organization I would be a member. Q.E.Fucking.D.

Whack a Mole

So yeah, anyone seen anything good on Twitter lately?

Last night was insane. Twitter finally (FINALLY) banned trump after years of easily verifiable lies, inciting violence, and (probably most important from Twitter’s point of view) violating the terms of service. It was glorious. Millions of American voices cried out in bliss all at once.

My first thought (did I write it here or somewhere else?) was, how long until bunkerbitch realizes he can still tweet from @potus? Well, not very long. He sent a tweet from that account and Twitter immediately removed it. It was almost like they expected it. How ’bout that?

When he realized he had been thwarted a second time he went to one of his campaign accounts and tried to tweet from there. Once again, immediately banned. Then he tried to tweet from a staff member’s account and that was banned too. Today I read (but did not confirm) that Don Jr’s account has been banned. Did daddy cheeto try to tweet from there?

The part of this that amazes me the most, outside of all of the maga cult people saying his first amendment rights are being violated when anyone who has ever paid attention in a Junior High School civics class knows that they are not, is that he has an entire core of press assigned to cover the white house 24 hours a day. If he wanted to get word out to his cult all he needed to do was walk down the fucking hall and have a press conference. I mean, it is literally part of his job! Nope, it has to be Twitter because his ego is completely wrapped up in the number of followers he had on his account. He’s a child. A whiny, bratty, little three year old child.

Oh, and for the record I currently have 711 followers on Twitter. That’s 711 more than trumpy the nazi clown. @RobJ_ is totes winning this race.

Impeach Him Again

The word coming out of Washington is that if cheeto doesn’t resign, or Pence and the cabinet do not enact the 25th Amendment and remove trump from power, they will begin impeachment proceedings by Monday.

Trumps term ends in 12 days. Just imagine the amount of damage the deranged, fascist, lunatic can do in 12 days. He needs to be removed now. Right now. Immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Cabinet members are resigning left and right. They are saying that cheeto’s terrorist attack on the Congress is the reason but that’s a clear lie. They are resigning because they don’t want to be part of the 25th Amendment discussion. Cowards. Fascists. Traitors. But, they aren’t actually breaking any laws so what can you do?

Monday is January 11th. The inauguration is January 20th. Why are we wasting three days? Start the impeachment process right now. It’s not like there’s a lot of investigating to do. Literally everything happened either on television or in front of your eyes. We all saw all of it. Impeach him right now. Immediately.

If you think that 3-12 days worth of a continued trump administration is nothing to fear, then read this:

Now do you understand why I want him gone right now? I want him impeached, I want the 25th enacted, I want him arrested for treason and terrorism. I want him to be moved as far from the nuclear codes as humanly possible.

Screwy Day

This has been a screwy day. Fortunately it hasn’t been as screwy as yesterday. American citizens didn’t storm the US capital to disrupt the constitution. We’ve got that going for us at least.

Pelosi says it’s time for the 25th amendment. I hate to break it to you, but the time for the 25th amendment was probably before the president of the united states sent terrorists to attack the congress. That’s just my $0.02 though.

I have a splitting headache. We still have one day to go until the weekend. Five day weeks just seem endless right now, especially when they include mass acts of treason.

I’m so tired of this. So many of my fellow americans can just go suck it.

A Quick Nap

The joint session of Congress certified the electoral college results over night. Joe Biden is our next President… again… still.

Now our government gets to take a bit of a nap to recharge after a bad day and then the Vice President and the cabinet enact the 25th amendment and remove Trump from power and the House of Representatives starts new impeachment proceedings… right?


It’s after my bed time and my laptop battery is getting close to dying. I worked on bass and drums for two songs tonight while also trying to follow the goings on in Washington. Chuck Schumer is kinda my Senate hero after using the T word. He called the rioters domestic terrorists. A perfectly accurate description.

I know that at least the Senate has voted to accept the Arizona electoral votes despite the first objections. I’m proud of them for working through the night. How decidedly un-McConnell like. I guess all we needed to whip the fascists was to have someone attack them personally.

It sounds like Trump’s cabinet might be resigning soon. It’s about fucking time, you fascist pricks. We’ve also heard that the 25th amendment was seriously discussed at one point today. Again, it’s about time you assholes did something about this.

Here’s to certifying the electoral votes, and here’s to the fascists finally showing their true selves and getting bitch slapped right out of existence. (well… as for that last bit… let’s hope that’s how it plays out)

Calls to Stand Down

It’s fucking hysterical. I keep hearing about government officials asking trump to tell the terrorists to stand down.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Trump is THE REASON ITS HAPPENING. He’s not going to tell them to stop, this is what he wants. He all but told them to do it during his speech earlier today. Why would he tell his personal army of hillbilly assholes to stop? How thick can you get?

This is his doing.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

My IQ has been reduced by about 27.3% today. If you read the transcript of the Trump phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State from Saturday then you’re IQ has been reduced too. Take a look if you dare.

Remove all of the lying. Remove all of the bullshit. Remove all of the election tampering. Remove all of the unsubstantiated accusations (redundant, I already said remove the lies). What you’re left with is the undeniable proof (as if we needed more proof) that the president of the United States of America (for 16 more days) speaks the way an elementary school kid speaks. Let me clarify… he speaks the way an elementary school student who doesn’t study and likes to eat the paste speaks.

He’s a friggin’ idiot. Simply. He’s just beyond moron. Here is my favorite quote, “that’s very very, very very sad.” Who the hell talks like this? He’s worse than the guy from the Police Academy movies. It’s just insane how little communication skill this asshole has.

Now put all the lying and tampering and bullshit back into the context and this guy is beyond evil. We have 16 days and we should impeach his ass again. The president of the United States of America is guilty of tampering with an election… again. This time he’s tampering with an election THAT IS OVER. The stupidity is unimaginable. How can humans be this stupid? How can humans be stupid enough to vote for him? Seventy Million of them. It’s just…. wow.

January 20th can’t get here fast enough.

Quick Random Thoughts

I don’t know what’s up today, but I am just not feeling all that together. It’s like I’m on the edge of being pissed off all the time, but I’m just too bummed out to put in the effort being mad requires. I don’t know.

I think it’s just one of those days where your democratic society is falling apart and half of the country is applauding the on coming dictatorship as if it’s actually a good thing and there is nothing you can do about it and you can’t even emigrate to someplace where the democratic society isn’t crumbling before your very eyes because if it’s happening here it’s clearly going to happen everywhere and fuck all that.

I played some guitar. It helped a little while I was doing it, but once I was done the feeling of existential dread came right back. We watched the new Pixar movie, Soul, and it was really good but the overall theme is one of existential dread so it kinda just compounded whatever crappy feeling I’m crappily feeling right now. Crap.

It’s 6:37 PM and I still have to do 27 minutes of exercise to hit my activity app goal. I don’t want to do it. I’m feeling too low. Then again, if I don’t do it I’ll feel worse.

Fuck those fucking nazis who are imploding my country. Fuck trump and his cult of toadies.


At least I have a triple batch of Tewksbury Tweets to binge eat while society comes unglued.

My State’s Vote

The Electoral College Vote continues. CNN hasn’t updated the tally in an hour. Are they on a dinner break or something? Can’t we just keep going, please? I want this to end, now.

Anyway, this is a CNN report (more of a blurb, really) mentioning how my state is not a fascist state. We still believe in Democracy here.

Massachusetts casts its 11 electoral votes for Biden

From CNN’s Abigail Sharpe and Adam Levy

Massachusetts’ electors cast their 11 votes for President-elect Joe Biden during their meeting on Monday in Boston.

Biden won about 66% of the vote in the Bay State to President Trump’s 32%. 

While five of Massachusetts’s last six governors have been Republicans, including current Gov. Charlie Baker, the commonwealth hasn’t voted for a Republican for president since 1984.

Presidential elector Linda Monteiro of Boston addressed the gathering on Monday afternoon, marking the importance of this moment as a lifelong Democrat and a daughter of immigrants. She called the Trump administration “ego-centric, divisive and mean-spirited” and stated that she believes the Biden administration will unite the country.