Facebook Graph Search

I like Facebook’s Timeline.  Now I’m looking forward to this.


Facebook users, prepare for the onslaught of hate!  Prepare for weeks upon weeks of news feeds flooded with bitching and moaning and “I want the old Facebook back!”

Do any of the people who were furious three or four revisions ago honestly still wish they had the old format back?  I doubt it.  Timeline is cool.  Graph Search could be cool too.  It might suck to the high heaven, but it might be cool.

Let’s face it, the minute Facebook stops evolving it becomes Myspace.  Speak up if you want that.  >insert sound of crickets chirping here<

Change is good, people.  Embrace the new.

I Am Such a Nerd

I’m such a nerd.  Like there was any doubt that a guy who blogs like 3-5 times a day would be anything other than an uber nerd.

A couple of months ago I turned to Twitter with a question.  I always turn to Twitter with nerd questions, and I never get any answers or advice or anything outside of occasionally being followed by spam porn accounts, but I digress.

I asked Twitter if anyone had any experience with using external camera lenses with their phones, specifically their iPhones.  I was curious about The Photojojo Phone Lens Series, and the Olloclip iPhone camera lens.  I was leaning toward Photojojo because it includes a zoom lens, where Olloclip does not.

As mentioned, the Twitterverse was totally silent in response to my questions so I had to decide for myself.

I just ordered the Photojojo set.

I told you I was an uber nerd!



Oh yeah, I also ordered the super deluxe blu-ray version of 2112.

I told you I was an uber nerd!