One Crazy Friday

It’s 3:59pm and I am more or less free to break for lunch for the first time. What a day!

The kids are back to their dad’s for the weekend. It’s sad. Bellana will be coming over for some of the weekend so that’s good, but she’s off to study abroad next week so that’s sad but it’s also happy. This empty nest stuff just messes with my head in the worst ways.

I did a little shoveling this morning. Bellana did more. She was able to make it to her appointment and everything went safe and well. I expected that she and Harry would have to do some shoveling so they could get out to head to dad’s but wouldn’t you know it, some guy was going door to door asking to shovel driveways. If he wants to do it, then go for it. I had enough cash on hand to pay him, so off he went. He didn’t do all that great a job, but every snow flake he moved is one that I don’t have to move so it’s a win for me regardless. Also, who still carries cash? What’s the matter with you, Robert? Get with the 21st century, would ya?

91 minutes until the weekend. I can make it, I know I can. Here’s hoping I get to play a lot of guitar over the next couple of days. Every time it snows I feel like I should play to balance out the snow hate with some music love. Just keep me right in the middle, like lukewarm water*.

*If you haven’t seen This is Spinal Tap then we really can’t be friends. I mean, we can still relate on some level, but we really can’t be besties or anything like that.

Happy Thoughts Request Explaination

Okay, I’m going to give a quick explanation of why I keep asking the internet to send us happy thoughts and positive vibes.

My beautiful, radiant, amazing wife started having a couple of weird things happen on the side of her face.  At first it was short periods of numbness or tingly, pins and needles feelings.  After a while she also started having shorts periods of unbelievable pain in the same spot.

She went to the emergency room and they told her it was  a sinus infection and gave her antibiotics.  When they didn’t affect anything she went to her doctor, who sent her to an ear/nose/throat doctor who sent her to a neurologist.   The ENT doctor used the term Trigeminal Neuralgia.  That scared the shit out of us.  The condition is, according to wikipedia and a few other sources, also known as suicide disease.  On top of that it us often a symptom of other illnesses such as brain tumors and MS.

The neurologist sent her to get an MRI.  The MRI hinted at increased spinal fluid pressure, but did not definitively give a cause of the numbness and pain.  The neurologist sent her to an ophthalmologist and ordered a spinal tap.  The spinal tap relieved some of the spinal fluid pressure, which helped for a day or so.

We then went back to the neurologist who said he didn’t know what the cause of the numbness and pain was, exactly.  You would think we’d be upset about that, but we were actually happy.  For two reasons.  First, he ruled out all of the really scare things that can cause trigeminal neuralgia.  He said it was not MS, not hemorrhaging, not an aneurism, not a clot, and not a tumor.  He actually said, “its not a tumor” in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice which gained him huge 1990 pop culture points.  He also refused to call whatever is going on trigeminal neuralgia.  He called it an unknown trigeminal nerve event.

So the reason I kept asking the universe for happy vibes was because we were either going to a procedure or a consultation and we wanted as much good luck thrown toward my beloved wife as possible.

Like I said, we still don’t know what’s causing the problem, but we have been thoroughly reassured that it is not anything dangerous.  The current theory is that she either had or has a very low level infection that was too mild to be caught on any of the tests they ran that is causing the nerve on the side of her head to act screwy, and is causing an increase in spinal fluid pressure.

At this point, I don’t care what it is as long as it stops.  I don’t want my love to have to deal with this anymore.

So if you took a millisecond or two to send a happy thought in our direction recently then I thank you on behalf of the woman of my dreams who I love so much.  It was appreciated.