Puree Fail

I mentioned yesterday that I had my first taste of pureed food, post-surgery. It was a teaspoon of pureed sweet potato. Jen made it, and she made enough for me to have a few “meals” worth of it today. Once I got through my morning routine today I made myself some breakfast. I measured out the same sized spoonful of sweet potato and figured I’d warm it up in the microwave. 30 seconds later I was left with a solid, bone dry, burned mass of something that used to be sweet potato. Oops.

Note to self. Don’t use the nuke on teaspoon sized meals, M’kay?

Once it was done I made myself a protein shake and brought it downstairs to my new basement office so that I could write a post. I had my first sip 15 minutes after my last bite. I was through my second sip when I remembered I’m supposed to be waiting at least 30 minutes between food and drink.


Do better, asshole.