They Didn’t Think of That, Did They?

So, as hinted at by the previous post, the National Hockey League’s official playoff tournament started today. The games they’ve been playing for the last two weeks are official post season games, but they aren’t official playoff games… or something like that, whatever.

As mentioned in previous posts, the NHL has put each conference into it’s own bubble. All of the western conference teams are playing all of their games in Edmonton and all of the eastern conference teams are playing in Toronto. Each conference had two games scheduled for today. In Toronto, there was the Blue Jackets and the Lightning at 3:00pm, and then the Bruins and the Whalers at 8:00pm.

Or so they thought.

Here we are at 8:02pm and there is no sign of the Bruins. Why? Because the 3:00 Columbus vs Tampa Bay game is still going. The score is 2-2 at the intermission between the 3rd and 4th overtimes.

Remember, kids, in the playoffs there is no shootout. There is no stupid 3 on 3 garbage. In the playoffs, the games keep going until someone wins. It’s still sudden death, but the overtime periods are full 20 minute periods of 5 on 5 instead of the lame ass little five minute 3 on 3’s they have in the regular season. Columbus and Tampa Bay have played the literal equivalent of two full games, and it’s still going.

So the start of the Bruins game is delayed until someone actually wins.

I’m guessing no one at the head office who planned out the bubblized post season saw this one coming.

Go Bruins… eventually.

(also, go Blue Jackets. I hate the friggin’ Lightning)

Baseball: Temporary Allegiance

So I guess we can all agree that the Red Sox aren’t going to make the post season. It’s time to start thinking about which teams I want to root for during the playoffs. My allegiance will of course be temporary. It will only last until the World Series ends. Then it’s 100% Red Sox again.

I usually go for the A’s when they’re still in it. Right now they are in a three way tie for the two wild card spots in the AL, along with Kansas City and Detroit. I’m hoping Detroit is the odd man out of that race. I like Oakland and Kansas City. The Tigers? Not so much. There’s also the Angels, but I don’t think so. Too obvious, with Mike Trout and all. Baltimore? An AL East team? Oh hells no. I think in the American League I’ll go with the Oakland A’s for as long as they’re in it. Then when Jon Lester resigns with Boston over the summer it will be even nicer. (not going to happen though)

In the National League? San Diego! My second favorite city! But wait… they suck again? Oh yeah. So not them. Washington, maybe. Then when the Red Sox lure away their whole roster next year I’ll be more familiar with everyone. St. Louis is an option, but only in the World Series and only because their total World Series Championship count is second only to the Yankees. Any team that can knock the Yankees off of that perch is worth support (although they have a long, long, looooooong way to go) The Dodgers? Hell no. The Giants? Nope. Both teams are still too New York for me. Pittsburgh? Maybe. Atlanta or Milwaukee? Maybe and Maybe.

I guess when the Red Sox season ends I’ll throw most of my fanboydom over to Oakland, and maybe a little to St Louis. At least that’s how it would be if it all ended today. First things first, the A’s need to clinch one of those wild card spots and get themselves into the dance.

Game One Update

I was thinking about live blogging the game, but I figured that would be lame even for me. I might do it tomorrow instead.

After six innings, the Red Sox lead the Cardinals 5-0. St Louis has been abysmal defensively. Lester has been pretty good. He’s been in trouble a couple of times and pitched his way out of it. Carlos Beltran injured himself robbing David Ortiz of a grand slam and he’s left the game to go to the hospital. Far be it from me to be excited over an injury but… I’ll take it if the Cardinals are giving it.

Three innings to go.

Keep it up. Go Red Sox

Can You Believe It?

Can you believe it? Has the reality sunk in?

We live in a world where the Boston Red Sox are going to play in the World Series.


I’m not kidding.

I suppose I’ll take this opportunity to go over my predictions in the MLB post season thus far. After the wild card games and the Division series, I was at a pathetic two out of six. Now after the two League Championship series I have improved to four out of eight.

I picked the Heroic Red Sox over the wimpy Tigers, and the Red Sox won. I was right, damn it! I was right!
I picked the Cardinals over the Dodgers, and the Cardinals won. I was right again.

Two for Two in the LCS. I like being right when it counts. Of course, I wouldn’t care what happened as long as I was right about the Red Sox. What a glorious time we live in!

Do I need to actually voice my pick for the World Series?

Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Cardinals. I’m picking the beards, beetchez! It’s time for the Red Sox to reclaim their place at the top of Major League Baseball. The Red Sox are a team of destiny and will win their third World Series 10 years!


Go Red Sox!

Red Sox vs Tigers Game Six

It’s the bottom of the seventh inning. The Tigers lead 2-1. The Sox have two on and one out with Ellsbury coming to the plate, and Jim Leyland just came to pull Scherzer from the game. If the Tigers have a weakness, it’s their bullpen.

Now is the time, Red Sox. Now is the time.

Seriously, because I am totally going to have a heart attack. This is so damn stressful!

The Fourth Win is the Hardest

Last night’s game was incredibly stressful. Nothing new in this series, but this time the stress involved holding onto a lead. The Red Sox came out strong and took an early 4-0 lead. The Tigers spent the rest of the game inching their way back, but it wasn’t enough. The Sox won 4-3 and took a three games to two lead in the American League Championship Series.

Game six is Saturday at Fenway, but don’t ask me when. You see the television networks are more important than the 30-40 thousand paying customers, so the game doesn’t have a start time yet. We’ll find out after tonight’s NLCS game. If the Cardinals win, the series is over and the Red Sox and Tigers play in prime time (or post prime time for a sporting event) at 8:00. If the Dodgers win tonight, game seven of the NLCS will be Saturday at 8:00 and the Red Sox and Tigers will play at 4:00 and Red Sox and Tigers fans will actually get to watch the whole game. To hell with the tens of thousands of fans who actually paid for tickets and need to actually get to the stadium. They are irrelevant when the question of television coverage comes up.

It’s Buchholz against Scherzer. If nothing else, it’s two last names that I probably misspell every time I try to write about them. Scherzer pitched like a god in game two and the Sox still beat him. Buchholz pitched like a chump in game two and the Sox still managed to win. The offense we saw last night needs to continue against this great Tigers pitcher, if it can. Buchholz needs to be better. A lot better. Game six is the biggest game of the year thus far, and it is an absolute must win. The Red Sox cannot give the Tigers life. They cannot let this series go to game seven. Beat them now while you can, Boston. Finish them.

One win away from the World Series. You can do it, Red Sox. Even if your fans are having heart attacks left and right due to the stress of it all. Win game six!

ALCS Game Four – What Happened?

When your starting pitcher is a former Cy Young award winner, and he walks in a run in the biggest game of the year… you can pretty much rest assured that the outcome is not going to go your way.

That was painful for Red Sox nation to witness. Now we’ve got to put it behind us (yeah, right) and look to tonight’s game five. The series is tied at two games each. We’ve got Lester going tonight. The offense, while unable to come up with the big hits when they needed them, did show some signs of life last night. We’ll just retake the lead in the series tonight, right? Right.

That’s how a rational fan would think. Unfortunately, Red Sox fans are generally far from rational. After a 1-0 win in game three in which the team was barely able to put the ball in play, we were convinced that the World Series was ours for the taking. Then last night after getting beaten up badly, we’re balling our eyes out into our coffee today trying to decide if we want the Cardinals or the Dodgers to be the ones to knock off the Tigers.

We’re kind of a mood swingie bunch, you know?

Tonight. Game five. Let’s take back the series, Red Sox!

Not Good

When I said I wanted tonight’s game between the Red Sox and the Tigers to be a blow out, I was actually hoping for the Red Sox to be scoring tons of runs, not the Tiggers. This game is not fun right now.